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Tips for planning your route:
    room with a view'
  • Your time schedule should depend on climate and weather conditions: certain roads are only accessible during summer!
  • Get proper road maps and detailed descriptions of the route you plan to follow (petrol stations, dangerous areas, weather conditions etc)
  • map the route by connecting the places you want to see. Make sure your route follows passable tracks during your travelling period and that the exit point of country 1 is at least somewhat near the wanted entry point of country 2.
  • Go and see your priority 1-places first: Time flies when you're having fun!
  • Try not to bind yourself by flight or hotel bookings in advance, but take setbacks and tips from other travellers into account.
  • Travelling slowly (i.e. visiting less places) allows you to get in touch with culture and nature and prevents a "travel-burnout".
  • Staying for 1 or 2 weeks at a spot instead of constant travelling is better for your motivation and prevents a "travel-burnout" as well.
  • Try to vary third world and western countries, this will:
  • Allow you some "recovery-time" after illnesses
  • Give you some time to do administrative/financial business
  • Allow you to visit a doctor and a dentist for check-ups.
  • Go home once a year to visit your family and friends, it will prevent a culture shock
  • Working or doing voluntary projects prevents a "travel-burnout" and gives you the chance to get in touch with the local people and their culture. Especially IT jobs should be easy to find.