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So you are interested in the two people that are making this trip?

We are Coen and Dorrit from the Netherlands.
Before we started driving our VW van to Asia and America, we lived and worked in the south of Germany, in a lovely town called Heidelberg.
After a few years of working we decided to escape the daily routine and prepared for a trip that should last 4 years.
In Pakistan and India we picked up two dogs who now join us in our travels.

Dorrit Coen Manali Shimal
Born on: 06.09.1974
Hobbies: Mountain trekking, reading
Born on:14.12.1973
Hobbies: Mountain trekking, playing guitar, music
Born in: 09.2003, India
Hobbies: Eating everything, stealing, swimming
Born in: 09.2003, Pakistan
Hobbies: Chasing other dogs, laughing, navigating

Common Hobbies and interests:

Our first car was a citroen 2CV, it was love at first sight and we have not been without one ever since. The 2CV we have at the moment is a red/white Dolly which is in a garage in Holland for the duration of our trip. Our main common hobby though is walking and doing extended trekkings and mountain walks.