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  The Journey: Eurasia
Much time has been spent to decide upon the exact countries we were going to visit. I must admit, it was probably the most fun part of the preparations it beats checking out visa-regulations at least!

After selecting the countries, we had to decide how much time we were going to spend in each country. Before setting off we had calculated roughly one month per country, less for the smaller countries and three or even four months for the larger countries.

These time frames have been influenced not only by the size of the country or the attractions it has to offer, but also by such practical considerations as: Romania, November 2002
  • climate: Scandinavia is hardly accessible in winter when one hasn't got a 4-wheel drive, the same goes for India in the monsoon-period.
  • visa regulations: what is the maximum stay allowed on a tourist visum?
  • IICD-projects (see Projects for more information)

Of course, the route that we planned is by no means fix! It could very well be that circumstances during the trip - e.g. illness or a change of political climate in one of the countries we want to visit - require a change of plans. Therefore, we have decided not to plan too detailed yet, but have so far only determined when we will be in which country. The detailed planning for a country we intend to make in the country we visit before: where exactly we want to go in Jordan will be decided upon when we are in Syria, whereas the route for Syria will be planned when we are in Turkey. Consequently, we only have had to make a detailed planning for Denmark before starting our trip.

Unfortunately, it was not always possible to travel in the best period, so we had to set priorities. Since we'd rather travel in the Middle East during summer than in Siberia during winter, we chose the following time schedule

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