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Our route:

02.11.04 - 03.11.04:
  • Iguacu

    04.11.04 - 07.11.04:
  • Curitiba

    08.11.04 - 09.11.04:
  • Pomerode
  • Blumenau

    10.11.04 - 12.11.04:
  • Garopaba

    13.11.04 - 15.11.04:
  • Torres
  • Aparados da Serra

  • Chuy

  •   Brazil
    On this page, we (will) describe our experiences in Brazil. Apart from the travelogue for this country you will also find a number of links to useful sites, ranging from general information to embassy homepages.

    Written by: Coen

    Because we also wanted to see the Brazilian side of the Iguazu waterfalls we crossed the border to Brazil, which was very much worth the effort. Whereas on the Argentinean side you walk on top of or underneath the waterfalls, on the Brazilian side you see the waterfalls as a huge panorama in it's entire length.
    We decided to visit Ulrich in Curitiba and therefore we started to drive eastwards. Since we left Argentina it rains and rains and rains.
    On the way we passed a little village called Witmarsum (a very Dutch name), at which we wanted to take a closer look. This village was grounded by a Dutch Mennonite and is inhabited by Brazilians from German origin. Everybody spoke German, there was even a "Backhaus" and a German school.
    Student city Curitiba The next day we arrived in Curitiba and we went to Ulrich's house. We had dinner in restaurant Schwarzwald and had Bratwurst. In Curitiba there are many Brazilians from German origin as well. The following days we strolled down the city, went to several Brazilian coffee bars and enjoyed German pastries. At night we cooked at Ulrich's place, watched photo's and chatted until the late hours. To Ulrich we said goodbye the next morning, to "Germany" not yet:
    Blumenau From Curitiba we drove to Pomerode, another German village. The inhabitants of Pomerode came to Brazil from Hunsrueck in Germany in the 18th century. Many blond heads, German farms and pastries. In Blumenau, the next German city, they still celebrate "Oktoberfest" in a specially designed Bavarian style timbered complex. The centre of the city is full of German timbered houses in white and brown and even the weather is West European: rain. Here we met Daniel and Ines with their little son Finn, who travel in a Mercedes bus. Together we drove to Garopaba, a beautiful surf beach resort with beautiful people and a beautiful campsite at the beach. We even had a beautiful sunny day. Too beautiful to be true! The size of the waves were impressive. We stayed two days and then left for Praia Grande, centre of the canyon area.

    NP Apparados do Serra Via a very bad unpaved road we drove the 25 kilometres into the mountains to the entrance of the national park at 1000 metres. The landscape on the high plateau resembled the north of England with broad heaths, sloping green hills and every now and then a little group of trees.
    Since there was no camping ground any more, we were allowed to spend the night at the entrance and because the canyons were hidden in fog, we could enter the park with the same ticket on the next day. In the evening Daniel and Ines arrived as well. Early in the morning we walked to the canyon and we were lucky, it was still too early for fog. The canyon looks like the earth is split in two, 200 metres deep. We walk the longer trek to the second viewpoint as well but the fog already filled most of the canyon by then. The edges seemed to float above the earth which gave it a fairytale impression.
    The afternoon we spent with driving down and we spent the night in Torres, a beach village situated at a beautiful piece of coast. We took the dogs to the beach and we could even drive with our car on the beach.
    The sea was wild and crashed it's foamy waves against the high black rocks that rose out of the white sand.

    The next day we drove the remaining 750 kilometres to Uruguay through spacious flat rice fields, swamps and beautiful lagoons full of exotic birds.
    An unexpected visit to an unexpected Brazil.


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    Our top 3:

    1. Iguacu

    2. Aparados da Serra

    3. Garopaba


    Although most travel guides claim otherwise, there is no camping in NP Aparados da Serra.