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  The vehicle
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  The vehicle
From the beginning it was clear that we wanted to travel by camper van, since to our opinion no other way of travelling offers more freedom and allows you to travel "off the beaten track".

The very first idea was to travel by 2CV-camionette, the transporter variant of the CitroŽn 2CV.
However, since this car is not much bigger than a normal 2CV and, more important, has become very rare over the last decades, we decided to look out for a somewhat bigger and - think "spare parts availability" - more common camper, e.g. a Volkswagen T2, T3 or LT.
We have looked at many campers since, but all were either too expensive or too rusty! By chance, we found a Volkswagen LT - a delivery van that used to belong to an office supplier - and managed to buy it for a reasonable price in November 1999.

Advantages of the Volkswagen LT:

  • reliability
  • non-complicated engine
  • square build body with much carrying capacity
  • rear-wheel drive.

  • Disadvantages of the Volkswagen LT:

  • weak engine capacity
  • only 15 cm ground distance.

  • Technical details:

  • Brand: Volkswagen

  • Type: LT 28

  • Registration date: April 1995

  • Motor capacity: 6 cylinder, 55 kW

  • Petrol type: diesel

  • Drive: Rear-wheel-drive

  • Max. carrying capacity: 3000 kilo

  • Length: 550 cm

  • Height: 310 cm


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