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Training program for secondary school teachers at the Amoba training centre in Sf. Gheorghe, Romania

We arrived in Sf. Gheorghe at the 14th of November. Sf. Gheorghe is a middle sized town near Brasov, in the centre of Transylvania. Because Sf. Gheorghe is part of the big Hungarian community in Romania; 80 % of the people here are of Hungarian origin. After meeting the colleagues from the Amoba training centre, we started discussing the teaching program details with Kinga Bereckzki, the local GTP co-ordinator. We agreed on the following training sessions:
  • IT skills,
  • Project management and
  • Teambuilding
The trainings would be spread over the coming three weeks of our visit.

Sfantu Gheorghe The following days we spent with preparing the topics. We researched on the internet and organised our already available information. We also contacted colleagues to provide us with some necessary background information. We made a general outline and discussed the further details of the trainings.
For every session teachers from surrounding schools were invited, among them several Global Teenager Teachers.

The first session, IT skills, we divided into two main topics; "Using the internet effectively" and "PowerPoint as a teaching tool". The teachers who joined the internet courses had already experiences with using the internet. That is why we stressed themes as developing an internet search strategy, evaluating online materials and using online communication technologies. For the Amoba training center we opened a communication corner with a chat room and a discussion forum on their webpage (www.amoba.ro). The second part of the IT skills session was about getting to know the application areas of PowerPoint for a teacher's daily working life. They learned the basics of PowerPoint and combined online materials and PowerPoint. We did a lot of exercises and the teachers were very eager to learn about all of these topics.

During the session Project management we taught teachers how to execute a project and apply for sponsorship. We went with them through the different stages of project management and how to set up a project and collect the information needed for an application letter. As a final exercise they had to find a fund or a sponsor and bring the theory in practice. They had to define the goal, set up the project, make a time schedule and a budget planning as well as write the application letter. We found out that for most of the teachers this structured way of working was not common and that they were glad to learn about it.

Sfantu Gheorghe The last session, Teambuilding also had a very practical set-up. In this workshop we told about teambuilding in general. The teachers learnt why to work in teams, knowing what the different teamwork styles are, what the stages of Team Development are and which Problem Solving Strategies to use in a team. About seventy percent of this training was dedicated to team building and problem solving exercises. Every team had an observer. After the exercises we debriefed in the group. For the teachers this workshop turned out to be a possibility to better estimate and direct their pupils in teamwork. It was also useful for them to structure their own teamwork.

The good IT and training infrastructure and the professionalism of our colleagues at the Amoba training center helped us a lot in successfully completing our trainings. Again it was for us a great experience. We had a great time a we have met a lot of nice and interesting people. We are looking forward to our project in Jordan!


Global Teenager Project: A very interesting charity initiative. Do you want to read more about it?

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