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  The IICD Global Teenager Project

Global Teenager is a network of secondary school students from around the world; emphasis being on both developing and developed countries. The network is comprised of schools that are coordinated locally by IICD education partners, country coordinators and school leaders. The beauty of Global Teenager lies in the fact that it creates a safe space for students and teachers to discover and practice international learning.

The main goal of the Global Teenager Programme is "To offer educational virtual exchange programmes to secondary school students worldwide, dedicated to promote cross-cultural understanding through new ways of learning, with the use of ICTs "

Since the first pilot experiment in 1999 between South Africa and the Netherlands, Global Teenager has expanded to 18 countries, each with a country coordinator. The project involves approximately 130 classes from 90 schools. The project focuses on secondary schools and is designed in such a way that it can be integrated in the school curriculum.

The main activities in the project are 'Learning Circles'. In each Circle eight to ten classes communicate with each other on-line about a specific topic such as globalisation , health, and HIV/AIDS. Each Circle includes a maximum of two classes per country in order to promote cross-cultural exchange. Communication in the Learning Circles takes place bi-annually via e-mail or the Internet. To follow all communication and learn more about the project, please go to www.iicd.org/virtualcampus.

For more information, please see http://www.iicd.org/globalteenager/