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The Global Teenager Project (GTP) of the International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD)

The IICD Global Teenager Project is a network of secondary school students from around the world; both in developing and developed countries. The project involves approximately 130 classes from 90 schools. The main activities in the project are 'Learning Circles', in which students can partake via the internet.

For this project we have held trainings on secondary schools in:

Kraslava Latvia (August 2002)

Check out our full report on the workshop in Kraslava, where we taught:
- MS PowerPoint
- Internet for English teaching
- Web Design Basics
- Website programming with Frontpage

Romania (November 2002)

Read all about our training project in Sfintu Gheorghe, where we focussed on:
- Project management and fund application
- Effective use of the Internet
- PowerPoint as teaching tool
- Teambuilding

Sfantu Gheorghe Jordan (June 2003)

Due to the war in Iraq, we had to postpone our visit to Jordan a few months. However, we have now completed our:
- Internet
- Web design
- Frontpage
trainings at the Secondary School for boys in Madaba, Jordan.
On our Jordan page you can read more about it.

To read more about our visits to the above countries, click here.

Global Teenager Project: A very interesting charity initiative. Do you want to read more about it?

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